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Links to buy ears!

Cute cosplay ears can be found here:

NEW: DIY how to do it yourself!

Want to make one cheaply for yourself? Here is Isibellas DIY kitten tail making guide!

While I'm currently in the process of setting up shop, i'll explain a quick and easy way to make one for those that cannot wait!

Step one!
Visit a fabric store in your local area and pick fake fur material in the color of your choice for tail. (You wont need to buy very much fabric for it )

Step two!
Buy a sewing kit or machine if you do not already have one.

Step three!
Cut the fabric until it rolls like a sausage into a *tail* shape then tack the tail together with a few pins until it is held in the desired shape. Then sew along the edge so that the material is linked to itself in a tube like shape.(Avoid sewing into the pins! ) Then sew the tip of the tail to itself so that the tunnel is closed at one end. Now remove pins! (Kittens should be advised to have their Owners supervision during this. )

Step Four!
Buy a butt plug this one works best believe it or not (is the same one I use) the feathers are removable by themselves and leave a hole that you can put your tail in! Of course there are other much cheaper ones you can buy on the net with a variety of different sizes.

Step Five
Apply glue to the hole in the buttplug (be careful not to get it on your paws ;)  Then gently force the tail inside the hole. (That sounds sexual..) Allow 6-7 minuets for glue to dry fully before playing with it. (Also make sure to wash the buttplug after )

Then you are done! Hey presto one kitty tail butt plug!

There are currently no anal kitty tails available on the internet, I had to make mine myself. However soon I will be offering them and other gear on this page for sale.

UPDATE 2008 June: Due to the popularity of my tails I will be 

shortly opening an ebay site selling tails already made in stock!

I will also be offering limited edition tails each month!

Add-ons available for your tails!

I am now offering custom accessories for tails to attach to the tip these include:



String of pearls

What I will be offering: these fake fur tails with a choice of rubber or metal anal plug:

Tuxedo black and white kitty tail.

Persian white tail.

Calico tail. (Orange black and white patches)

Black kitty tail.

Orange tabby tail.

Silver tabby tail.

Tan kitty tail.

Siamese kitty tail.